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These workshops are held in prestigious music studios across the Tri-State-Area. We will allow children hands on exposure to using technology designed to create music. 

Hands on art project that culminate into an amazing installation at art galleries across the Tri-State Area.

This is a series of workshops that teach basic sewing techniques and basic knowledge of fashion forecasting, style, & designin






Our programs are centered around activities in Music, Film, Fashion, Sports, Arts, and Health & Wellness.

This informational segment is created to encourage our children, who are sports driven, to stay the course. Various athletes will dedicate their time, talent, and  energy to expressive conversation about how the benefits of practice, endurance, and consistency, makes winner

These series of classes introduce beginning meditation, aroma therapy, and yoga. We also host an annual “Kids Cooking” workshop that educates children on healthy food choices, while preparing meals. 

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